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겉은 강한 척 해보지만 내 심장은 종이 같아
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*sees a cute boy* *checks to see what kind of shoes he is wearing*


namjoons twitter statuses:
*selfie* kim cute
*selfie* kim fall guy
*no pic* do u guys ever think abt how if there is a god he either is allowing suffering and therefore is not benevolent or is unable to stop suffering and is therefore not omnipotent isnt that fucked up the world can be so cruel stop global warming
*selfie* kim hungry 


the fact that tsukiyama is a college student fucks me up man like. wth. gourmet trash sitting in a humanities class, imagine that sucker taking a stressful exam and getting anxiety and muttering ‘calmato’ to himself like. tsukiyama doing college things amuses and weirds me out